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Manage your personal login information with Shaklee through the assistance of You can easily find the login field at the right hand part of the main page. Please type your login information in the provided spaces. Your login details are the unique password and email address that you have registered for your access. Proceed to the contents of your account using the ‘Login’ link. You can use the support menu if you have forgotten your sign in information.

You have to activate your access by providing your designated Shaklee ID. Locate the ‘Activate an Account’ link and use it right away at Input the required information in the proper fields and review it for any errors. After your account has been accepted and approved by the system, you will be able to log in anytime you want.

Benefits of MyShaklee Membership

MyShaklee Healthy Life

Your Shaklee can help you to live a very rewarding and healthy lifestyle. You will now have the option to use natural products that are pure, safe and highly nutritious. The following are the Shaklee products that are perfect for you:

  • Tailored Health – creates a personal and exclusive plan that will match with your lifestyle.
  • Healthy Home – promotes products for the safety and health of your home.
  • Health Beauty – offers natural beauty products for hair care, skin care, and more.
  • Healthy Weight – designed to remove undesired weight and helps to maintain ideal weight.
  • Healthy Solutions – helps improve conditions that are brought about by age. Improves memory and alleviates joint pains are some examples of these.
  • Healthy Nutrition – your source of essential vitamins, minerals, and protein. Greatly boosts the nutritional foundation of your body.

Start your way to a very healthy and happy life right at this moment. You can place an order for your desired products at 1-800-742-5533. For clients all over the world, products are also available in Taiwan, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, China, and Canada. More contact information about My Shaklee Company can be found at the ‘Contact’ menu.

You may send your queries, comments, and suggestions to an agent at 925-734-3636. Requesting for assistance is also possible through the previous number. Business is open every Monday through Friday at 6:00am until 5:00pm, Pacific Standard Time.

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