My Scotts Lawn Services

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Create your own signup credentials for an affordable lawn service plan and maintenance through You will have access to various online tools which can be used in designing your lawn. Preview your actual plan and do some modifications to achieve excellent results.

Learn more about the yard treatment details and customize your program according to the season. Use the payment program for setting up your recurring fees on every property. The service program is designed for your convenience and leisure. The Scotts newsletter is also a good source for tips and recommendations. Keep up with the latest news on lawn care and maintenance at Apply the program to your landscaping and maintenance tasks for a very satisfying outcome.

Benefits to Gain from Myscottslawnservice Plan

  • Access for reliable quotations to various plans such as Complete Lawn program, Plus plan, Love Your Lawns plan and the Maintenance plan.
  • Maintenance and yard services enrollment
  • Full information about the Scotts advantage
  • Lawn care insider newsletter sign up
  • Live chat online for customer assistance and services
  • Access to trusted botanical brands such as Roundup, ortho, miracle grow and more

You must register to become a valid member before you can have your own access. Existing members will have to provide an email address or a username. The username must be accompanied by its registered password. Your login credentials will be compared to the data on file as a safety measure of the portal. Interested users are always encouraged to register and must provide the following:

  • Your customer number
  • Home or work phone number
  • Service address with zip code, state and current city
My Scotts Lawn Services

Refer to the right hand part of the invoice for your customer number. The number is printed inside a yellow box. It can also be found in the confirmation email in your inbox sent by My Scotts Lawn Service. Your provided phone number must be associated with any yard service property or account.

Call the customer service in case you require assistance at 1-888-872-6887. You may also use this number in case you need a quote for the offered services. Phone assistance is only available during business hours.

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