LA County Citizen Services

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Access your County of Los Angeles benefits account by using your staff ID login at To enter the page, you have to provide the six digit staff ID number that was assigned to you. For first time users, the month and year of your birthdate will be used as your login and password.

Keep in mind that the login format for first time users will be the 2 digits of the month and 4 digits of the year. After a successful login attempt, you can change your username and password with an eight character code. In case you are using a benefits administrator credentials, enter your administration credentials through Ask for assistance with the customer service support with DHR if you are having difficulty with your access. Remember your password and user ID especially that you have an administrator account.

What to Expect with MyLACountyBenefits

  • Receive health insurance for free after 25 years
  • Pension and 457 plans with 4% match from your country
  • Benefits based on your contribution, years of service, and age
  • Excellent retirement and pension perks
  • Work schedule flexibility and time offs
  • Support from professionals
  • Discounts and rewards
  • Parenting and family services
  • Retirement and financial plans
  • Insurance, wellness, and health coverage
  • Additional choices of benefits for you

Use the one-on-one enrollment link if you want to belong to the special access group. Enter your account by providing your valid username and PIN or password. Do not hesitate to seek assistance from the administrator if you have issues with your access. You can also navigate to the absence management link and login with your passcode and user ID. This portal is intended for viewing search results, lists and reports.

LA County Citizen Services

Your access to my LA county benefits is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Use the portal for online members and give your correct password and username before entering. Bear in mind that this access is reserved for existing employees only. You will be able to perform a full account management and also view available wellness and health programs. Please call your customer support whenever you require assistance at 213-974-3211.

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