Kansas Citizen Health Kit

Kansas Citizen Health Kit
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If you live in Kansas City and need help browsing through My Health Toolkit, please refer to www.kansascityhealthtoolkitkc.com.

As you can see on kansascityhealthtoolkitkc.com, this page contains information that will walk you through browsing My Health Toolkit. My Health Toolkit, by the way, is an online portal that contains comprehensive information that can help you look after your overall well-being. It has tips on how to live a ‘greener’ and healthier life. You can also find healthy recipes here that you can serve every day to your loved ones! It’s surely your one-stop portal for all your fitness and health needs. Moreover, it is very easy to navigate – you need not be a ‘techy’ person to find your way through the portal.

How to Log In to Your My Health Toolkit Account on KansasCityHealthToolkitKC

As mentioned earlier, the page will walk you through what you can do on the Kansas City My Health Toolkit KC portal. If you already have an account, you can access it by going through the instructions presented or you can simply follow these:

  1. On the upper right corner, choose among the options the type of account that you have with the company (Provider or Employer).
  2. Use the appropriate link to access the proper login page for your account and enter your username and password accordingly.
  3. After providing the required information, use the button marked as ‘Login’ to proceed to your account.
  4. In case you encounter any problems, look for the link that says ‘Get Login Help’ and use it to get support.

The login process is simpler if you have a member’s account. You can easily find the login area on the right side. To proceed, simply provide your username and password and use the green ‘Login’ button to get to your account.

 Kansas Citizen Health Kit

If you experience any problem logging in or navigating the portal, you can always seek help from the ‘Contact Us’ section of the page. This contains all the contact information of My Health Toolkit including its customer service hotline number and email address. There are also other tools and services that you can enjoy from the portal. Just utilize the subheadings and links found there to browse your way through.

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