ExamOne Laboratory Results

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Sign in to access the virtual laboratory results of ExamOne diagnostic company at www.myexamone.com/results. Fast information is available because Exam One works in tandem with known insurance companies. Clients are also requested to assist in providing factual medical details. This is important when you need to issue your policy.

Understand your exam results as soon as possible by taking an inside look by way of myexamone.com/results. During your examination, you will receive a pamphlet containing your barcode digits. Use the number to fully accomplish your registration steps and access your account.

Registration Process for MyExamOneResults

Press the Register “Here” button found on the exam one sign in page.

Keep in mind that this program requires the participation of your current insurance provider before you can qualify to enroll. In case that you receive a notification that your laboratory exam results are not yet available, contact your coverage agent or provider immediately. Inquire further regarding your examination results and its availability.

Input the name of the insurance provider with which you have enrolled for coverage recently. Press the Next button. Contact your current coverage agent or refer to your enrollment process documents if you do not know the company name of your insurance provider. It might be that your insurance provider is not a participant of the program. If this is the case, it is most likely that your insurance company has an alternative method of distributing laboratory results to clients.

Provide your personal details after your insurance coverage provider was verified successfully. These details are, your:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Barcode Digits
  • Surname
  • Given Name
  • Birthday
  • Postal Code
ExamOne Laboratory Results

You must expressly agree to the set terms and conditions of use. Every my exam one results user must provide consent to be monitored for security and administrative reasons. Unauthorized access and by nonmembers constitutes criminal and civil liabilities punishable under applicable law.

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