DAT MembersEdge Access

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Get your own DAT MembersEdge access by enrolling for an account membership at www.mymembersedge.com. Pay less but still receive great value services when you are a registered and valid member. Choose among the affordable carrier rates through the extensive load board of DAT network.

Use your account to select from the various loaders currently available. Pick your choice from the largest marketplace of North America for trucks and freight loaders. Manage your access through your desktop or while on the go through your mobile. You can never go wrong with the highly trusted and largest marketplace of loaders and trucks through mymembersedge.com. An approximate of 80 million loads per year means a steadfast support of clients from all over. Your main source of trend for supply and demand, capacity planning and rate benchmarking in the load boards venture.

DAT MembersEdge Access

Package Selections of MymembersEdge

Choose among the enhanced, standard and post only packages with the following services listed below:

  • Unlimited truck postings
  • Unlimited load search
  • Alarm match notifications
  • Convenient month to month billing
  • Routing and mileage
  • Alerts on road conditions and weather
  • Days to payment score by brokers
  • Credit profiles of brokers
  • Phone search and postings
  • Spot market lanes rating by brokers

Enhanced packages have all the above listed services. Standard packages do not include spot market ratings nor the phone searching and postings. The Post only package is offering limitless truck placements for free of charge.

Take your pick from the available plans and receive excellent value in return. Make your unlimited truck postings without paying any amount. Use the search tools for finding the most suitable load boards from the network. You will be notified immediately after a match is found from your search. You will never be burdened with long term contracts by opting for the monthly billing system. Choose the shortest and safest route for your carrier through the mapping services. Receive regular updates from the weather forecast stations of Canada and the United States.

The online service is quite a handy source for tools, information and other resources. Use the application while on the go through a compatible mobile or device. You can always be directed to a nearby trucker friendly motel and Walmart stores. It is also possible to search for truck stations with fuel price placements through your account. Enter your valid password and username and manage your access at My Members Edge. Please speak directly to the customer care representative at 866-487-8253 in case you require immediate assistance.

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