Compare Prepaid Cards

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Compare Prepaid Cards and Apply Now for the best offers for your situation.

Below you will find detailed information grids that are updated real time. These include fees and other prepaid card information.

Tips for Comparing Prepaid Cards

1) Review Fees – Understand the monthly fees associated with the prepaid card you are reviewing. Some fees are there for a reason and you may be OK paying a small monthly fee for the convenience it gives you. But to be an informed consumer you need to scan down through those fees just so you are aware when applying.

2) Acceptance – Understand if the prepaid card you are reviewing is accepted in multiple locations for ease of use. More than likely if it is a Mastercard or Visa Prepaid card, it will be accepted in all stores and locations.

3) Easy to Load – Understand where you will load money on your card. Also, check to see if they have free Direct Deposit. Many prepaid cards will waive monthly fees if you have automatic direct deposit to the card.

4) Does your prepaid card report to the credit bureaus or not? Does it have a credit check when applying. Many prepaid cards do not have a credit check. If you have less than average credit this can be to your advantage.

5) Access to ATM’s and your cash. Check to make sure there is access at Walmart’s, Walgreens or other locations where you can get access to cash off of your card if needed. More than likely you will not need cash and can use your prepaid card for almost all purchases, but it is a good thing to understand and know when required to utilize.

These cards are great as you do not have to worry about overspending and can be used to replace a standard bank checking account where you also get fees and can give you more freedom.

Compare Prepaid Cards

It can be an all in one solution as you can have money direct deposited from your employer and many times get your money a couple of days early. Then you can use the card in most locations and including online for purchases.

Review and compare prepaid cards today and apply now.

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