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Discover the benefits that you can enjoy with Cigna HealthSpring medical services online through The corporation is the global company of health services that provides Medicare and Medicaid clients the best healthcare assistance. Cigna HealthSpring offers medical and dental support that people can benefit to maintain and improve their health situations. This medical solution is convenient to use to enhance a healthy lifestyle for a lot of people in the nation.

The Cigna HealthSpring medical assistance does not only provide medical and dental services but also life and accident insurances. It is all in one health and life assistance that you can experience through You can find this medical insurance company in over thirty countries around the world.  The products offered are medical assistance, dental services, pharmacy support, behavioral health, vision care, as well as life and accident amendments and the related services.

Steps on how to choose your doctor through MyCignaHealthSpring

Here are two simple steps on how to find a doctor within your vicinity.

  1. On the homepage of the screen, click the button that indicates Find a Doctor.
  2. Specify your address or otherwise, choose the state and city from the dropdown menu. You can also choose to put your postal code instead and indicate the distance in miles.

Choose your Desired Cigna HealthSpring Medicare Plan

Scroll over through the menu of the online services offered by Cigna HealthSpring.

  1. Find your state and county from the dropdown menu.
  2. Point over the button that says OUR 2016 Plans to give you the list of available Medicare plans in your vicinity.

Clients of the said health solutions can read through the detailed offers, coverage, and services provided by My Cigna Health Spring. Read through the catalog of OTC drugs that you may benefit, find a pharmacy that are accredited with the company where you can get your medications with the use of your medical insurance.

 Your CignaHealthSpring Portal

You can seek customer assistance form the helpdesk of Cigna HealthSpring representatives by selecting the contact us button at the upper right portion of the homepage. Identify your plan type in order to call the appropriate telephone number for your inquiries. There is a telephone number encrypted at the back of your healthcare cards for clients under an employer sponsored plan group. You can send a message through mail for concerns regarding your Medicare advantage plans at Cigna-HealthSpring, Attn: Customer Service, Post Office Box Number 20002, Nashville, TN, with zip code of 37202. You may call the telephone number 1-800-668-3813 and 1-800-222-6700  for assistance of prescription drugs.

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