Your Fred Meyer Login

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Register and take control of your permanent or temporary Prepaid Visa Debit Card through Make a request, know how to activate it and learn more details about your Fred Meyer Prepaid member status. You can easily manage your finances and start earning huge rewards from your daily purchases.

Start earning your rewards points immediately by signing up for an account. A credit will be given to you for free when you register for a direct deposit through your account. There are many free services included in your enrollment and direct deposit is one of these at

The Processes of getting your FredMeyerPrepaid 

  • Begin by Purchasing a Temporary Card
  • Activate it
  • Start Earning Points After Registering Your Personalized one

Get your Fred Meyer Prepaid Visa Debit by checking your nearest store for its availability. Purchase a temporary card and load it with your desired purchase amount. Keep in mind that the temporary ones can be loaded with amounts ranging from up to 0 only. Your temporary device can only be loaded once and cannot be reloaded again.

Activate your temporary card first before using it for your purchases. You have two ways to activate it. You may choose to enter your details by accessing your login at You can also activate it by dialing 1-866-601-8091.  Log in and check your balance after activating it. You are not eligible to earn rewards until you have registered for a personalized card.

Your personalized card will have your name printed on its front and will replace your temporary one. This one is reloadable through your purchase of a ReCharge Card. You can also take advantage of the free direct deposit that you can receive. No matter where you prefer to make your purchases, your Fred Meyer Rewards will always earn points.

Your Fred Meyer Login

Please read and agree with the terms and conditions including the privacy policy. Your Fred Meyer Prepaid Visa is not to be used as a credit card. Your purchasing activity will not affect your credit score with your bank. Keep in mind that the loaded value is the only amount that can be spent for your purchases. Regularly check the remaining balance for your convenience. Your transaction will be denied immediately when your balance reaches zero. You can resume your purchases by reloading a sufficient amount of money onto it.

For further inquiries, please call customer assistance at 1-866-265-8419.

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