Your Control Card

Your Control Card
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Get your Control Card access by signing up for an account at Take advantage of the numerous shopping potentials offered by MasterCard. You can choose to avoid long lines for bank transactions. Receive more value for your purchases and speed up the processing of your tax returns.

Setting up your account is not a very complicated process. The enrollment requirements are your personal information and proof of your credentials. You will experience the freedom from late payments, credit checks and overdraft penalties. This is a secured and highly convenient banking alternative for your lifestyle. The benefits of choosing this method to handle your money are listed in You do not have to risk your safety carrying cash with you every time you shop.

Exploring MyControlCard Features

You will always have the biggest role in your financial future. Make the right financial decisions by doing the right thing today. It is also important that you make an informed decision and weigh the risks involved. Learn more by using the How It Works button on the page. This tab is located on the portal. The following list includes various information that you can learn about such as:

  • Methods to maximize your funds
  • Various ways to use it
  • Adding money to your account
  • The costs involved
  • Overview of its functions

There are several features available through your account. Use the Features tab to explore further about its functionality. The financial tools and services will change your way of traditional banking. These are the functions that you can use from your membership:

  • Refills thru mobile
  • Online accounts
  • Bills payment
  • Mobile applications
  • Your own savings account
  • Life benefits and coverage
  • Ten dollars purchase cushion
  • Savings on prescriptions
  • Friend referral
  • Cash back incentives
  • Mobile notifications
  • Expense budgeting tools
  • Free direct deposit

Your financial outcome will always be in your hands. Manage your assets well and always keep an eye on your financial aspects. Always keep My Control Card advice in mind to help you achieve your monetary goals. Use the available products and tools so that you can get every value for your money.

Your Control Card

If you are experiencing some problems, locate the Contact Us tab for help. There is a list of frequently asked questions that you can refer your issues with. For issues not included in the FAQs page, you may contact the customer support agent through telephone. Please refer your issues to the customer assistance desk at 1-866-753-6324. For your mail correspondence, send it to MasterCard c/o NetSpend Corporation, Post Office Box number 2136, Austin, Texas, Zip code 78768-2136.

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