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Your AT&T Reward Center Benefits

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Create your login to claim your online rewards and use your account through You are a click away from activating your new card as well as checking your remaining balance. Manage your account with all its services by registering a unique login credentials.

Obtain a quick access to important tips including how to get the most from your Check your status often because your reward usually arrives within a span of three weeks. Please claim your reward as soon as it arrives because all offers have a Claim by Date tag. You will only have a maximum of 30 days to claim your reward starting from the day of your notification. Claims will not be accepted after the expiration date of offers.

How to Use the RewardCenterATT

The following are your directory list for each type of account and its corresponding number:

  • U-verse: Account number
  • High Speed Internet: Your account no. without the customer code
  • High Speed Internet Direct Rewards: Your High Speed Internet Direct account number
  • DIRECTV Rewards: Your Account no. associated with DIRECTV service
  • Wireless Rewards: Your wireless telephone number
  • Digital Life Rewards: Your Digital Life no.
  • All other reward types: Use your telephone no. for home billing

Start by locating your claim or billing number. You can also find your claim no. in the notification letter that you have received. Your billing number is found on the upper right hand corner of your bill and can be used as your log in. The billing account no. that you use will depend on the type of service that you have applied for.

You can only add accounts that are eligible. Stay updated with all the news and promotions that matches with your preference. You can do any claims immediately after making a purchase. Remember that the service must be active for at least 30 days before your claim can be processed. You will receive instruction on how to claim your rewards through mail within a span of four weeks. Make a claim before the stated expiration date. After the 30 day service requirement, you will receive your reward within three weeks from Reward Center ATT.

You can use the AT&T Reward Tracker as a personal timeline. It will track your rewards at any point. The details  can also be sent through email or text notifications.

For any problems regarding your claims, please navigate to the FAQs page and see if your issue is on the list. You may also contact the help desk by dialing 1-800-288-9983. Help is available from Monday to Friday at 7am until 7pm.


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