Northland Communications Center

Northland Communications Center
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Access Northland Communications as an exciting portal and connect with friendly customer care via The customer page is designed for access should you want to open an email, pay bills, service upgrades or make friend referrals. The payment online option is made accessible for setting up automatic payments. You can also make single transaction payments, service requests, aside from examining your billing history and updating information of your account. Note that you must become a registered user with a valid account before you can use the offered services. Use your validated account and select the pay your bill button. It can be found in the menu below the customer care section of the online site.

The next step is to select the link that indicates click here to register for the first time. This option is visible because of its red highlights and can be found at the topmost part of the page. Follow the link towards the page where you will be required to provide personal information. You should also answer questions related to your account. Complete the requested information that includes your email, password creation, account code, telephone number, current balance and the remaining four numbers of your license for drivers or social security number. Press the “register” button to proceed with online application.

Benefits of YourNorthland Account

After successfully creating Your Northland membership account, you can choose to refer your friend or select services to upgrade. To opt for service upgrade, you have to enter additional information regarding your membership. Select from Digital, Deluxe or Basic options and other options that are listed below.

  • Showtime/The Movie Channel
  • Encore Movie Package
  • HBO Channel
  • Cinemax Channel
  • Starz/Encore Channel
  • Add extra High Definition DVRs
  • Add Roku
  • Telephone Service or Internet Upgrade

Submit the selected services and the team of yournorthland communications will reach you within that working day. After being contacted, your requested services will be finalized and confirmed. It is quite normal that there are unavailable products based on your area. Remember to check the Disclaimer as well as the Conditions and Terms of your selected product.

Northland Communications Center

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