VS Angel Card

VS Angel Card
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Apply for a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card online by using www.VSAngelCard.com. This is a theme card from the World Financial Network Bank that is specially designed for all Victoria’s Secret fans.

If you are 21 or over and have a valid security number, you are very much welcome to apply. You may get more information about this offer at VSAngelCard.com.

What is the VSAngelCard Offer?

The World Financial Network Bank is one of the biggest credit card providers located in Ohio. The bank is well-known for its various services including the provision of special theme cards like this one for Victoria’s Secret.

The offer is available for all Victoria’s Secret fans living in Ohio. You may acquire your own from any Victoria’s Secret store or more conveniently, online. As long as you have your social security number and you’ve reached the legal age of 21, then you are very much eligible.

Get your VSAngelCard today and start enjoying its benefits right away! With this, you can do various activities online – check your transaction history, make online payments, etc. And what’s more? You are also eligible for special offers and birthday surprises from Victoria’s Secret!

How to Apply for the VS Angel Card Online?

You will need a computer, laptop or any device with reliable internet access. Take note of your social security number as well to make the process easier and quicker to complete. Follow the instructions indicated below and get your VSAngelCard soon:

  • You may begin the process of application at https://c1.comenity.net/victoriassecret?Action=ApplyOnline.jsp.
  • Enter all of the personal information required to their respective fields including your name, birthdate, income and mailing information, valid email address and contact number.
  • If this is not applicable to you, you may proceed to the next page and check out the other services available to you.
VS Angel Card

Double check the information you’ve put in before submitting your request. Now all you have to do is wait for the reply; it usually takes one month for the results.

If you are fond of purchasing from Victoria’s Secret, you will also like the theme card specially designed for this brand. With this, you can do various activities online such as make payments, view your transaction history and many more. Submit your application and get your VS Angel Card very soon!

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