NetGear Powerline or Wifi Extender

NetGear Powerline or Wifi Extender
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Manage your internet connection with NetGear Powerline wireless extenders through Enjoy surfing the internet in any area of your home with the NetGear Powerline or Wi-Fi extender. It gives you wide range of internet connection in your home and your business establishment. This wireless extender covers areas that do not have any signal or connection given by your routers and other access points.

Initially, you must have an existing Wi-Fi network installed in order for the NetGear Powerline Wi-Fi extender to work. The wireless internet connection extender device is attached to your routers to create a wider area of internet signal in your home. You can use your tablets, smartphones, and any handy device that can use Wi-Fi connection even on areas where there was no internet connection before you installed the unit.

The NetGear Powerline Wi-Fi extender is correctly installed when you notice that the signal on your detected internet connection turns green. Open any internet browser from your device where the unit is connected and you will be directed to Next, you need to set up the wireless extender following the instruction prompted on the screens of your device. You can use the IP address to troubleshoot the signal in the event there are problems with the connection.

How to Use the NetGear Powerline and MyWifiNext

Follow the steps provided in order to set up the NetGear Powerline wireless extender.

  • From your internet device, open the Wi-Fi network manager and connect to NETGEAR_EXT (SSID) Wi-Fi Network. For Windows PC devices, choose the Wi-Fi option and select your wireless network.  iPad users are directed to open the settings menu, choose the Wi-Fi option and select the network of your wireless connection.
  • Open your internet browser.
  • Search the mywifiext address from your internet browsers.
  • The set up window of the wireless extender must be shown in your devices.
NetGear Powerline or Wifi Extender

Look into the customer support section or contact the team to assist you in your inquiries or any problems encountered in using the NetGear Powerline or wireless extenders. My WiFi Next customer service team is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week to accommodate your concerns. You can reach the customer service support team by calling 888-638-4327 from your telephones or 408-907-8000 from your mobile phones.

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