Access Online Ticket Tracking

Access Online Ticket Tracking
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Manage your ticket orders online using the online tracking service at Login in using your email address and Pin number at each of the designated boxes and click the “continue” button to get started.

If you are having problems printing the ticket sent to you by mytickettracker, you might want to check a couple of things to make sure you can print the tickets. Check if you plugged in the printer to a power source, see to it that it is connected to your device, then make sure it is turned on. If you are still unable to print, check if you have the latest driver for your printer. Download if you don’t have it and restart your printer and your device. After doing the instructions above you printer should be working fine.

You may print unlimited copies of your ticket from my ticket tracker but only one of the same copy will be valid and once used the rest of the copies are invalid. Always remember that if some else used the same copy of the ticket then your copy is no longer valid.

For rescheduled or canceled events, you will be refunded the whole amount minus the delivery fee. For rescheduled events you will be issued another ticket which corresponds to the new schedule of the event you planned to attend. For stolen tickets, contact your seller immediately to have it cancelled or ask for another copy of your ticket.

Your printed ticket is as valid as the ticket you get directly from the ticket seller. If you still need assistance regarding your ticket information, you may contact the ticket seller. Their contact information should appear on your receipt or contact the customer support.

Access Online Ticket Tracking

If you need assistance on navigating, you may contact their customer support at 1-866-856-6228. Their customer support is always on standby to attend to your needs. You may also want to check on the frequently asked question page by clicking “FAQ” located at the bottom of the page where you might possibly help you with your concerns without the need to contact the customer support. If you seem to have problems locating your ticket, you might want to check your junk folder because for some reason it’s there. If you happen to delete the email, which contains the link to your ticket, you must contact the customer support immediately.

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