Prepaid Card Balance

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Log in to your MyPrepaid online account and monitor your prepaid balance through You can use your prepaid card anytime and at any participating establishments that accept debit card transactions. Use the prepaid card when purchasing items online, at shopping centers, and from catalogues. The card is used in the same way you are making use of your Visa credit cards or MasterCard credit cards. It is swiped on the credit card terminal machine and a certain amount is entered that corresponds to the amount you are paying.

You can check your prepaid status by logging into your account through the online site. Monitor the balance of your prepaid cards to determine that the amount you are to purchase may still fit within the funds you have on hand. You can ask assistance from the customer support which is available every day for 24 hours. There is a hotline number indicated at the back of your prepaid card to call in case you have some concerns regarding your prepaid accounts. It is important that you keep all your swipe transaction receipts as a handy reference in reviewing the procurements made with the card.

Logging into MyPrepaid

Before you can proceed in logging in to your online account, you are to enter the security code shown on the screen. Then, you will be directed to the sign in page where you will enter your account details. It consists of the last four numbers of your card, ZIP code or the activation code for some, and your last name as the holder of the card. Select the sign in button to access into the online services of my prepaid.

Prepaid Card Balance

There may be instances where you will be paying more than the balance you have on hand. This is possible but two types of payment transactions will be made to purchase your items. The balance of your card is swiped and you will pay the remaining total through cash, credit card or debit card, or money orders.

The standing balance of your prepaid cards cannot be withdrawn in any ATM outlets. You cannot deposit any amount into the card as well. The amount is good as it is. You will need to get another prepaid card once the amount has been consumed and the old card is to be discarded. Please take note of the expiration date of your card. Make your purchases before the indicated expiration date of your prepaid cards to prevent card declines and other transaction problems.

Myprepaid allow you to check your balances, view your transaction history and know important information regarding your prepaid card and its benefits. You can reach the toll-free hotline that is indicated at the back of the card for any concerns and clarifications. There will be a customer representative that will answer the call and assist you in navigating through the online site.

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