My Panera Rewards

My Panera Rewards
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Register your My Panera card for rewards today by using This card is issued by Panera Bread as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to their regular customers. Each individual who owns a MyPanera card has the chance to earn points and get rewards for it!

Panera Bread is one of the most popular bakery-cafes around the U.S. and Canada. It is also known as the St. Louis Bread company and people love hanging out at the café because it serves the tastiest breads and most refreshing beverages. Find out more about the bakery from

More About MyPanera/Rewards

Panera Bread has designed the My Panera card as a reward program for its regular customers. It is issued for free on every branch of the highly reputed casual restaurant nationwide. Card holders of this reward card may use it every time they dine or purchase anything from the café; for every item or product that is bought from the store, a corresponding amount of points will be added to the MyPanera Rewards card.

Keep in mind though that you have to register your card online to be able to receive all the benefits that come with being a My Panera Rewards card holder. Panera Bread will be presenting you with various bonuses and gifts as a sign of appreciation. Once you’ve reached a certain amount of credit on your card, you will be able to redeem a corresponding reward from That’s why you should always have your card with you because every point counts!

Steps to Register Your MyPanera Rewards Card

Before registering your card, make sure that you are using a computer or laptop that has reliable internet connection. Also, get your own My Panera card from any store location before doing the registration – hey, it’s free!

  1. On, you will find a button that says ‘Register your card here’ at the top area. Click on that.
  2. Tick the box that says you have your My Panera card with you before clicking on ‘Continue’.
  3. Enter your card number and registration code to their respective fields. The My Panera card number is 12 digits while the registration code is 4 digits and is located on the left hand side of the card.
  4. Set up your account username and password and fill up the fields on information about yourself before you click on the button that says ‘Submit’.
  5. Once your card is registered, you can start earning points and claim your reward!
  6. For more information, find help at
My Panera Rewards


Have you visited Panera Bread in the past few days? Are you planning to drop by and grab some freshly-baked croissants any time soon? If so, don’t forget to ask for your free MyPanera card and start earning some rewards! Just simply use your card whenever you dine or buy something from the café and you will accumulate some points that may be redeemed as gifts and other bonuses. But don’t forget to register your card at or you might miss out. So what are you waiting for? Get your MyPanera Rewards card now!

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