Luminara Dream Candles

Luminara Dream Candles
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Create instant ambiance using Luminara products and have a beautiful and memorable experience through Select from a wide variety of product collection for your indoor and outdoor spaces. The sophisticated flame-like candle effect gives off a scent that creates wonderful mood in your room.

Using patented Disney technology, products are so convincing. They sway and flicker. Behaving like they are real flames, you will be completely convinced it’s the real thing until you get close enough and see it for yourself. There are 3 Collections to choose from. They are Outdoor, Indoor and Specialty collection.

With Luminara products you can quickly create a mood. Set it up before hand and have it automatically turned on when you get home using a self-timer. You can also use remote to turn your candles to turn it on or off and they will also turn off automatically 5 hours later. No need for you to worry about leaving them lighting up. Myluminara offers product that are safe and convenient. Having conventional candles is wonderful but you are always bothered with the wax drippings, soot, and fire. Luminara gives you the same effect that you love about candles without the inconvenience and danger of conventional candles.

Basically, you can put your Luminara candles on areas where you usually don’t put your conventional candles. They are perfect for homes even if you have children and pets around. These product are extremely safe and convenient. Find  a store near you by clicking the “Store Locator” in my luminara homepage.

For inquiries about the company, their product line, distribution or retail opportunities. You can send them an email by clicking the “contact us” link located at the bottom of the homepage and provide your full name, email address, subject of your message and your message. After filling the required fields, you may tick the box to receive updates on Luminar products and click “submit.”

Luminara Dream Candles

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