My Harmony Remotes by Logitech

My Harmony Remotes by Logitech
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Manage your Logitech online accounts and view the different features of your Harmony Remotes via The company has provided a remote control system that can be utilized in not just one item of your home but many. You can control your televisions, thermostats, home theaters, and light sensors among others.

The Harmony Remotes by Logitech are essential universal remote control devices that expand to more than just living room equipment. It can also control other areas of your home thus making it more lively and fascinating. Adjust the temperature of your home, watch television shows, and manage your devices you want to include in your harmony remote models on

Products on MyHarmony

My harmony presents to you various models of Harmony Remotes by Logitech. Each model has its own unique features, however each has similar basic functions to all remote controls of Logitech. Some model types have hubs or extenders to give you wide range of automation in your homes. Below is a list of latest Harmony Remotes model type made by Logitech for you to choose.

  • Harmony 350
  • Harmony 650
  • Harmony Home Hub
  • Harmony Smart Control
  • Harmony Home Control
  • Harmony Smart Keyboard
  • Harmony Ultimate One
  • Harmony Ultimate Home

Some of the Harmony remotes can control more than five devices. In this case, purchase the harmony remote device models that can accommodate to more than five devices in one remote. These remote control models are universal remote which you can use in your home. The remotes have affordable prices but vary on the model type and its features. You can log on to the online program of my harmony to browse more models of the said remote control device.

My Harmony Remotes by Logitech

The online site has provided a forum for consumers to give out their feedbacks and advices for you to be informed regarding the products of Logitech. You can reach the customer service center of Logitech for more queries about the My Harmony remote devices and other technological products offered by the said company. You can ask for assistance from the customer service of Logitech team to answer some of your concerns about other product features of harmony remote devices. These are Harmony 200, Ultimate Home model, Harmony One and Smart control add-on.

The company has provided different hotlines for each country with branches of Logitech. In the USA, you can call the toll-free hotline number 1-866-291-1505 for English language. Other languages can call the numbers reflected on the site. Go to the online site of the company and you will find the customer support page and will be directed to a window where you can search the topic of your queries.

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