Clash Of Clans Free Gems

Clash Of Clans Free Gems
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Access your clash of clans free gem pack giveaway through the portal of It is a very simple and quick process, but you cannot simply ask and receive without fulfilling some requirements. To have your very own free gem package without survey, you will be tasked to like the official Facebook page. You may opt out to avoid clicking on its like button by allowing a designated amount to expire. There is a countdown for each type of bonus packages offered.

With a simple click of the flashing green button on labeled click here, you may proceed to earn your package of gems. Choose among the three selections which include the small size package, a medium sized package and a big sized package. These packages contain 10,000 gems, 50,000 and 100,000 gems respectively. The gems are vital in the clash of clans. This feature is intended to balance the game between players who pay for the game and those who do not spend any amount at all.

The Small Pack of Gems from My Free Gems. This contains 10,000 worth of gems and in exchange, you are requested to like and share the Clash of Clans promo Facebook portal. You will have to wait 300 seconds if you choose not to share the link.

The Medium Pack of Gems. A giveaway of 50,000 worth of gems is yours. You may choose not to share or like on the Facebook link but you have to wait for approximately 500 seconds to pass.

The Big Pack of Gems. This package has 100,000 gems. Choosing not to share or like will result in waiting for 1000 seconds before you can receive it.

Clash Of Clans Free Gems

There is another gimmick or catch to receive your desired free gems. A similar interactive process is also available and must be complied before you can receive the packages of free gems. This process will require you to finish a list of survey questions as well as perform a download of some application or program. Comply and you will be provided with your my free gems selections. You have to provide the generated code and reenter it into the required box including your account name. This is the last procedure that you must fulfill before you can start your download.

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