Dicks Sporting Goods Rewards

Dicks Sporting Goods Rewards
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Manage your Dick’s Sporting Goods scorecard account by signing up through www.mydickssportinggoods.com. When you become a member and shop, you will received rewards for every dollar you spend. Becoming a member is easy and it is free, for every 300 points you earn you will awarded a reward!

Handle your Dick’s Sporting Goods credit card account while you enjoy benefits and rewards anywhere – anytime. In fact, when you have your first purchase the service offers a discount as soon as your account is activated. When you use your first in-store credit card for a purchase you will instantly received 10% off. After that, for your every in-store purchase you will get the chance to increase your rewards by earning 6% back  as a reward. When you use your dicks sporting-goods credit card, you are enabled to receive two points off for in-store acquisition while one point off for out-store purchases. In addition, you are entitled to a birthday bonus of a 10% rewards on any in-store purchase within the month of your birthday. Last but not the least, mydickssportinggoods.com MasterCard offers a 1% back reward for every acquisition accepted by MasterCard. Decide now and apply for your card in-store today.

My Dicks Sporting Goods Member Benefits

  • Membership is totally free and you instantly begin earning points
  • Earn points every time you spend a dollar at Dicks
  • Gain score card bonus point like redeeming coupons where you can access by downloading or logging in to your account through any mobile devices.
  • Received a for every 300 points
  • Enjoy an exclusive memberships obtaining for savings and discount tokens sent through mail and email.

To start with, you must first fill in the needed details when you sign up and activate your account. If you don’t have the scorecard account yet, visit the service’s new member enrollment page first. The following is information needed for registration.

  1. Scorecard number
  2. Family Name
  3. ZIP Code
  4. Username
  5. Set up Password
  6. Password to verify
  7. Hit the button labeled as continue

For more questions and queries especially about your member account, you may drop by with the service FAQ page where you can find the most common asked questions provided with the corresponding answers. All you have to do is simply by clicking the category to find the answer you’re looking for. There we will find the following:

  • Scorecard query
  • Credit card inquiry
  • Mobile app concerns
  • All other Dick’s Sporting Goods information
Dicks Sporting Goods Rewards

If you are still unsatisfied, you may reach their customer service care agent by any of the following: visiting their contact us page or even calling the agent through the scorecard phone number 1-800-040-4002.

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