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MyClients Plus Management

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Create a membership account with MyClients plus members and resources portal through As a qualified healthcare professional, have a 30 days trial of therapy note and practice management service. This option is offered for free and will only be available for registered members. This is handy when you need to charge clients or insurance and also know the generated revenue of your practice.

At the start of its availability since the year 2006, a number of healthcare professionals have been using My Client Plus to cater important billing and EMR request by way of For as many as 150 electronic medical record forms which features robust and rich software readily accessible at a very reasonable price. Various selections of features are also available depending on the billing need of your practice.

Important Features of MyClientPlus

  • Electronic billing for primary level and secondary level insurances
  • Out of network billing for clients
  • Advice on Automated ERA or virtual remittance
  • Accepts credit card
  • Insurance billing tracking
  • View a member account to view related activity
  • CMS 1500 claim form on primary level and secondary level insurance company
  • CMS document form generated from the system that you can reprint
  • Count remaining sessions for clients depending on their insurance coverage
  • Generate invoices from clients and superbill from insurance
  • Electronic claim verifications
  • Unrestricted sending of invoices
  • Examine the financial summation of session information according to date
  • Intake document form and file attachment form of client record
  • Collect notes and comments on client sessions
  • Multiple office support
  • Enable more than one users to view your own account
  • Limit user access on any options
  • Create a to-do-list and manage it to avoid overlooking important schedules
  • Manage revenue, sessions remaining and its type and other important responsibilities

Additional services and useful options can be selected by using this software. You can do voice or text appointment notifications which will synchronize automatically when a client gives confirmation. It is important to maintain client satisfaction and they are reassured in managing their bills. Offer the best service that you can to every client, navigate the portal for members to discover the following options:

  • Online scheduling of appointments
  • Browse scheduled appointments and appointment history
  • Secure your attached files for both outgoing and incoming.
  • Online payment of fees
  • Email release statements and form
  • Finalize confidential clinical forms online in a secure manner

You may choose for an affordable basic monthly payment plan to access the mentioned features. You will be able to fully access the system, cater unlimited amount of clients and the create user accounts as many as you need. A very minimal fee is required so that you can do unlimited number of electronic charging of payments. This will allow you to collect payments online without being billed for every transaction. The set price of .95 every month with the option to upgrade to unlimited online billing for is very affordable. Grab your access to the my clients plus member portal and this useful tool.

For any concerns, you can reach customer assistance Mondays through Fridays from 8-5 in the afternoon Pacific Time. Feel free to communicate with the support group by calling 1-877-820-4153. Send your emails to


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