How to Get Warid Loan 2018 Service Code Procedure

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Warid advance balance code is easy to learn and dial. Sometimes we run out of credit and when we feel disconnected to the rest of the world. But if you are a Warid user then you should know that you can get Warid Advance Balance. Warid is a well-established telecom company operating in Pakistan for the last many years. Jazz acquired Warid and now it is known as Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (PMCL). The merger of Warid and Jazz was big news for customers of both the companies.

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Jazz has been the leading telecom company in Pakistan since it started operating twenty years back. And now it has acquired Warid and has become even a bigger force. Warid and Jazz, together serve more than fifty million subscribers. Warid offers a broad range of 3G and LTE services to its customers across Pakistan. The aim of writing this article is to tell you the simple procedure of getting Warid Advance Balance.

How to Get Warid Advance Balance

Below, we have shown how to get Warid Advance Balance. It is a kind of emergency credit you receive from Warid when you run out of credit.

  • From now on, whenever you run out of credit, just dial *112#. You can also request advance balance through SMS by sending ‘AB’ to 7676.
  • Dial *112*4# if you want to unsubscribe Warid Advance Balance or just send UNSUB to 7676.
  • You will have to clear your previous Advance Balance before you request for another one. If you are not getting the loan, make sure that you have paid the previous one.
  • There are also service charges applied every time you get Warid Advance Balance. You will have to pay the loan amount + service charges.
  • You can only request the Warid Advance Balance if your Warid SIM has been active for the past 3 months.

Followings are the two kinds of loans a Warid customer can get.

Regular Loan

  • Regular loan will cost you Rs. 2.75+tax
  • You will get a Warid Advance Balance of Rs. 15
  • Remember, you can only subscribe to this service when your credit goes below Rs. 15.
  • Dial *112*4# or send UNSUB to 7676 to unsubscribe to Advance Balance any time.
  • Once subscribed for Advance, you will get an advance whenever your credit goes below Rs. 15 during the next four hours, if you have repaid the previous Advance Balance.

Super Loan

  • For super loan, subscription charges are Rs. 5+tax
  • The advance balance you will get is Rs. 30
  • If you have received the super loan, then you will have to perform a recharge of Rs. 50 or more in order to be eligible to apply for another super loan.
  • You can only get the super loan if your credit goes below Rs. 15.
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