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SharpShooter has been an industry innovator for more than 30 years. Their commitment to progressing the technology, service, and most importantly revenue for their clients makes them the go-to company when service, performance, quality, and value are on the line. SharpShooter has already developed products that integrate into various social networks. This not only makes the guests happy but also provides a viral marketing platform for your organization. SharpShooter is the best kind of marketing as it creates an authentic and positive connection with your current guests and their immediate friends and family.

SharpShooter Imaging:

You can search your photos by entering the number given to you on the card in the search box at By using this online portal you can download and save your images to your desktop. With the help of SharpShooter online portal, you can make great gifts including photo books and border prints to personalize gifts. By purchasing photo gifts for friends and family on this portal, you can make your photos custom cut and make them into a memory. After the laser cut and protected with a long-lasting laminate the photos are mounted to acrylic. By creating an account in SharpShooter Imagining you can get many benefits.

Benefits of Becoming a Mytitanicphotos Member:

  1. You can access to seasonal promotions and discounts.
  2. The photos taken in your tour will be saved in one place and you can take the photos when you need them.
  3. There is a possibility of sharing your favorite photos through a social network like Facebook, email and many more.

How to sign in:

It is very simple to sign in SharpShooter account. Simply, you have to enter a Current email address and personal password in their appropriate columns. You can also connect to your account using Facebook.

Sharpshooter account

Additional Information:

Email Address: customer

Toll-free Number: 1-800-637-3686.

Address: sharpshooter imaging LLC, 11901 W. 48th Ave., Ridge, CO 80033303-962-2345.

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