Mystery Shop Performances

Mystery Shop Performances
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Create your very own Mystery Shop online account by navigating to Be enthralled with the interactive programs and puzzling mysteries for children and adult audiences. Highly committed and with the expressed assurance of providing excellent entertainment, all spectators will surely enjoy every performance. The audiences are encouraged not only to watch but to be actively involved in the shows.

The storylines are superbly written by professional playwrights and performed by seasoned actresses and actors. For this reason, there will never be a dull moment in any part of the performance at The team will surely stimulate the sense of humor and elicit awe from the viewers. Services and products are also available in the form of gift certificates, marketing DVDs, personalized travel rates outside Chicago, and reference letters. Do not be overly concerned about the cost of the show, everything can be arranged according to your budget and group of audience.

Advantages of MyMysteryShop Access

  • Choose from a wide selection of interactive shows that really suits your taste.
  • Mysteries that are streamlined for large or small groups, restaurant events, corporate meetings and others.
  • Interactive and highly responsive productions that will surely attract many viewers.
  • Rest assured that you will receive the appropriate program based on your budget, group and age.

Target Viewers of Mystery Shop Programs

Numerous spectators have enjoyed the shows of Mystery Shop since the year 1988. These audiences include the following:

  • Children of every age
  • Social groups
  • Clubs and private parties
  • Non for profit groups
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Corporations

Information Regarding ServiceSleuth

You can access the services and products of Mystery Shop through the web-based portal of ServiceSleuth. Before you can enter the page, you must provide your shopper, client or administrative account first. Please locate and use the proper link so that you can enter the portal.

Mystery Shop Performances

There will a corresponding field where you key in your credentials. In case you are using an admin access, find and use the key labeled as Admin Login. Use the button marked as Go after entering your password and username. Wait for the page to load and you will be redirected inside My Mystery Shop.

In case you have encountered issues or problems with the services, do not hesitate to give a feedback. You may send an email message to To speak directly with an agent, the customer care support can be reached through 630-690-1105.

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