What is MyHR CVS Login?

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CVS Pharmacy must be a familiar name for you if you have accessed this web page inside the United States. There are not many healthcare companies like CVS Pharmacy. CVS was the brainchild of Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland. Since 1963, the company has served millions of customers. CVS is helping people live a quality life. We believe that there is nothing that can stop people from living the life to the fullest. CVS also want people to enjoy their lives without any kind of fear.

CVS extended its network across the country in a very short period of time. There have been a number of acquisitions and mergers across the country which helped CVS grow. This is why CVS Pharmacy stores are found in almost all the states. Currently, there are nearly ten thousand CVS store locations making it easy for you to find a store near your location. If you find it difficult to find a CVS store near you then you can use CVS Store Locator at the CVS official website.

What is MyHR CVS?

It is not difficult to guess that managing nearly ten thousand stores requires dedicated workforce. CVS is proud of its employees and it appreciates the hard work and dedication they work with. The company employs more than 240,000 employees who serve the people round the clock. It is not easy to manage so many employees. Just like customers, employees also ask questions of the company and they contact the concerned department when they face any problem. They have many issues they want CVS to bring into the notice of the company. So, CVS introduced MyHR CVS which is an employee portal for CVS employees.

Myhr CVS Login

Now CVS employees use the platform of MyHR CVS to communicate with the company especially the HR department. Employees simply login to their accounts on CVS HR online portal and get their job-related information, updates, latest news about the company and much more. The nature of information saved at MyHR CVS employee portal is sensitive. Employees protect this information using a password. Employees are advised not to share their login information i.e. username and password with anyone. If they do, they will be putting their account security at a great risk. Remember MyHR CVS is powered by Aon Hewitt which is well-known name itself.

Myhr CVS Login Screen

More Information About MyHR CVS

  • Who Uses Myhr CVS?: As stated above, Myhr CVS is only accessible to employees of the company. People, other than the CVS employees, cannot access MyHR CVS. If you are not an employee of the company but you want to contact CVS then there are alternative ways to do so. Employees of the following login to MyHR CVS.

CVS Health: CVS Health is the parent company of CVS Pharmacy

CVS MinuteClinic: Health services are provided through MinuteClinic medical clinics where trained staff treats common illnesses like ear, eye, throat etc.

  • Ex-employees of CVS: Ex-employees of CVS can use MyHR CVS using their login information.
  • New Employees: There are many benefits of using MyHR CVS portal. So, if you are a new employee, get yourself registered as soon as possible. Registering on MyHR CVS portal is easy. If you have your Employee ID and Social Security Number, you are good to go. Simply access the MyHR CVS portal and click “Register as a new user” link and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Forgot Password?: Those who are already registered at MyHr CVS will use their user ID and password to login. If you don’t remember your password just click forgot password? link.
CVS Health MyLife Portal

Why Use MyHr CVS

New employees are encouraged to register at Myhr CVS because it offers them many benefits. Employees can access and manage their 401k plan once they are registered. They can access their tax information and view their paychecks online. In short, Myhr CVS offers you the platform which you can use to get a number of benefits. There you can learn about transportation benefits, associate discounts and access your life insurance. CVS collaborates with over two hundred national and domestic brands to offer you the best of everything. You can also access health and wellness program at MyHR CVS portal.  Employees can also learn about medical, dental and vision coverage using the Myhr CVS employee portal.

Still, Don’t Want to Enroll at Myhr CVS?

You will be depriving yourself of the above-mentioned benefits if you choose not to enroll at Myhr CVS. Once you are enrolled, you also become eligible for HSA (Health Saving Account). It is not that you get nothing if you don’t enroll at Myhr CVS. You will still get short term disability, business travel accident insurance, and accidental death insurance. Contact CVS human resource center helpline.

CVS Employee Handbook

Employees of CVS have found CVS Employee Handbook very useful. They can find almost everything in this CVS employee handbook. There is no doubt that CVS is an ideal company to work for and perhaps this is the reason it welcomes thousands of new employees every year as the company keeps extending its operations. We can say that there is always need for new and hardworking employees. CVS Employee Handbook offers you plenty of information if you are an employee of CVS or if you are planning to join CVS in near future.

CVS Employee Discount and Benefits Program

Employee Discount and Benefits Program of CVS is highly appreciated by critics. As stated above, the company has partnered with more than 200 brands to offer its amazing employee discount and benefits program. There are plenty of discount deals you can avail such as restaurant deals, Father’s Day deals, resort deals, spa deal and much more.

CVS Learnet

CVS, just like many other companies has its own learning management system called CVS LEARnet. This is an amazing learning opportunity for CVS employees. CVS encourages its employees to make the best use of this golden opportunity.

Contact Myhr CVS Now

You can reach Myhr CVS customer service at

Phone Number: 1-855-338-5609

Email: cvshealthsupport@us.ibm.com

CVS Caremark Customer Service Guide.

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