MyFavoriteMuffin Restaurant

MyFavoriteMuffin Restaurant
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Enroll for your Favorite Muffin access and you will receive countless advantages from You can book for catering services or search for an outlet near your location through your account. Online tools can be used to perform tasks such as finding the nearest branch and checking the menu of the day. Navigate the portal to find the ‘Locations’ and ‘Menu’ tools for such purpose.

Take your pick from the wide selections of delicious muffins, bagels, coffee beverages and sandwiches. You do not need to worry too much about your calorie intake because you can receive nutritional tips from the selections. For your special events, you can also receive catering services and your choice of gift baskets. To find the right tasks that you want to do, please refer to the available categories on the portal. You may also use the ‘About’ link if you want to know more information about the company. It is also highly recommended to use the ‘Our Story’ menu and get the complete details of the company’s history. All of these useful categories can be found when you explore your account at

Keep Up With MyFavoriteMuffin Updates

It is always an advantage if you can get hold of the latest news and updates about your company. To achieve this, you have to follow the Favorite Muffin on the social media like Twitter and Facebook. If you dine in some participating branch, you will also have a chance to win reward coupons for meals, gift baskets and more products. Use the platform to learn more about the offered coupons and other promotions.

MyFavoriteMuffin Restaurant

Seek Assistance with MyFavoriteMuffin

In case you have encountered some issues in your account, please contact the support team immediately. You can reach the customer assistance services through the ‘Contact Us’ link. This will take you to a new page containing a blank online form. You may use the form to share your comments, suggestions or complaints. To successfully submit your message, you will be required to share the following details:

  • Complete name
  • Email Address
  • Questions or comments

Fill out the form and use the ‘Submit’ button to send it. You message will reach the My Favorite Muffin company headquarters directly and a staff will reply within a span of 24 hours. You may also visit the company in person at 500 Lake Cook Road, Suite 475, Deerfield, Illinois, zip code 60015. For your immediate concerns, you may speak with a support representative at 1-800-251-6101.

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