MyExchange Services & Goods

MyExchange Services & Goods
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Register for your airman or soldier access so you can shop for U.S. services and goods through Your Exchange retailer is offering exclusive merchandises for the U.S. Air Force and Army installations. The retailer is also the largest and oldest services that cater to the families of airmen and soldiers. This Department of Defense sponsored services is also extended to online shopping, movie theaters, restaurants, convenience stores, and department stores nationwide.

You can drop by anytime at the main headquarters of Exchange in Dallas, Texas. Retail support has been outfitting troops with the highest quality yet affordable combat uniforms. Additionally, overseas students of the Department of Defense sponsored schools have free school lunches as part of the services. You can also find the bases of the Exchange in the countries of Japan, South Korea, Turkey, England, Italy, Germany and Belgium. The Exchange also operates in Afghanistan, Iraq and the surrounding countries for troops that are serving in the Middle East. This type of service began in the year 1941 and became the Exchange service of the Air Force and Army in 1948. There many things to learn about the services and features of the company through Log in through your account to know more interesting information about the company.

MyExchange Services & Goods

Finding Your Nearest ShopMyExchange Store Location

  • Navigate to the top left part of the portal.
  • Find the ‘Chat Us’ button for your reference.
  • Locate and use the ‘Find the Store’ link in the page.
  • This menu is your search page access.
  • Search by placing the store name, postal code, state, country, city and other address information.
  • Search results will also include the store proximity in miles.

Signing In Through Your Online Account

Access the portal by signing in using your Account. The complete process is listed below:

  • Go to the upper right part of the portal.
  • Locate the Sign in tab in the main page.
  • Use the tab and input your login information.
  • Give your username or email address and type your password in the designated spaces.
  • Use the login button to begin using your account.
  • In case of forgotten password or usernames, please refer to the FAQs and support page.

You can use the Register tab if you do not have an account and would like to have your own access. You will be redirected to the registration area and begin your account creation process. There are many advantages when you create an account online in comparison to just being a guest user. You will have the privileges of avoiding sales and shipping taxes, products access and more.

More Information about MyECP

It is good to know that Exchange Credit Programs is brought by the Air Force and Army Exchange Services. You can receive offers of responsible credit solution when you are among the 2 million card holder of the service. ECP also sponsors the Military Star Cards services for the Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and Army. Every customer will receive flexible and agreeable terms for safe and affordable credits. You can save a lot at shop my exchange outlets.

In case you have feedbacks, please send it immediately. For U.S. customers that have online access issues, please call support at 800-527-2345. Customers outside the U.S. can call 214-312-6690.

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