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Enroll for your personal account and get the latest news by accessing You will be among the first to know about sports, world news, financial market, and more. Use your account to locate videos, TV programs, and news articles in Burlington. Receive important notifications for current events and upcoming schedules in your area. It is very easy to find more information through various menus on the page. This task is free and can be performed anytime.

You can use the portal search box for finding a particular issue or topic. To use the search box properly, type the exact keyword that you want the system to find. You have to complete your search using a magnifying glass icon. The search field is positioned in the top right corner of the page. You can also receive notification about the weather condition of your place. This is very vital in case you are an outgoing person. This feature is also useful in planning your daily schedules and destinations. An online event calendar is also available when you access

Different Menus of MyChamplainValley

The working features of your account are arranged into sections for convenience. The following are the list of sections that you may use online:

  • About Us
  • Experts
  • Marketplace
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Community
  • Weather
  • News

Keep in mind that each of the sections mentioned above have individual subcategories. As an example of its use, the basketball or NBA search result will be under the ‘Sports’ section. You can explore the results further and be redirected to information source. The ‘Weather’ category is also the appropriate source for information about temperatures, sunny skies, floods, and the likes.

Requesting For Immediate Assistance

MyChamplain News Hub

Do not hesitate to request for help in case there are problems in My Champlain Valley access. Use the ‘Contact Us’ button and you will reach the telephone number lists. Explore the ‘Contact Information’ link further and look for the particular support that you require. For general inquiries, please speak directly to an agent at 802-660-9333. You may also dial 802-859-1344 for the News Tip link. For your fax communication, please send it directly to 802-660-8673. It is possible to view the contact details of various departments like sales, news, creative services, and more. If you prefer to send an email, simply fill up the online form in the page.

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