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Turner Resource:

In order to sign in to your online account with Turner Resources, you have to visit its official link at By clicking on the official link it will take you to the official homepage where you can log in by entering your credentials. if you have already an online account use the right side of the portal to log in. There you have to enter your username and password in their respective fields and click on the Login Button to enter into your account. In some cases, if you forget your password or username then you can create a new password and username by using the link support ” Forget My Password/Username. You can see the link Forgot Password on the Right-hand side portal where you enter your username and password.

Afer entering your particulars you can log into your online account Once you log in to your account you can take advantage of the tools and resources offered by the company. By using your my turner online account you can make a payment, browse through your content of Turner resources partner brands etc. If you have any further queries you may refer to the FAQS page where you can found it on the lower left corner of the Turner resource official portal.

How to create Account on My Turner:

To create a new account with Turner Resources, first of all, you have to visit its official portal at When you click on that link you will see the official portal of Turner resources as above image. Here, you have to click on the Register button that you can find on the lower right-hand side of the Turner Resources page. by clicking the Register button it leads to the online registration page where you have to provide your name, Email address, Username, Password, Address, Contact Phone Number, Company name etc. to complete the form. After filling all the details then click on the Register Me button to submit your application.
If have any doubts you can contact the support team by using the Contact Us button which is located on the upper right corner of the page. After filling the form by providing your email address then send it. you will get the reply from the team within 24 hours as soon as they can. you will be clarified your doubts by the Turner resource within 24 hours.

Partner Brands with Turner Resources:

  1. Tbs.
  2. CNN.
  3. HLN.
  4. TNT.
  5. TRU(tv).
  6. Adult Swim.
  7. Cartoon Network.
  8. TCM.
  9. HDTV.
  10. CNN International.
  11. Boomerang.
  12. Infinito.
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