My Lord & Taylor Account

My Lord & Taylor Account
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Join by enrolling for an account with Lord and Taylor associate at Please remember that the portal is made exclusively for current employees, so outsider access is not allowed. The Home Outfitters, Zellers and Hudson’s Bay are connected to Lord & Taylor. L&T is a good source for your travel gears, home decors and wares, handbags, shoes and clothing.

Log in by providing your security credentials and discover the extent of your access. You can view your previously submitted personal information and make appropriate changes any time through your account. The personal details that you have submitted during your enrollment are kept secured and private for your protection. Your data are maintained as confidential through the security and encryption of

Account Creation at MyLordAndTaylor

It is not possible to enter the portal if you do not have access yet. First time users must set up an access account to become a registered member. Find and use the link with the label “Click here to register” for your registration process. You will be taken to a page where you must enter the following information:

  • Your birth date in month, day and year format
  • Associate number
  • Zip code
  • Valid email address
  • Create a password
  • Confirm your password
  • Your L&T Email subscription consent
  • Your associate perks Email subscription approval

The L&T email is your source for updates and important news from the company. Your associate perks will let you receive your notifications on auto insurance, fitness plans, mobile subscriptions, travel & tours, movie tickets, special offers and more. You will be able to use your log in credentials and access your account online after your registration. Enter your complete virtual mail address at the top empty box and your password in the second one. Please check if you have entered the correct email and passcode before using the login button.

My Lord & Taylor Account

In case you have lost or forgotten your password, use the “I Forgot My Password” button immediately. You will be directed to a new portal where you can update your passkey as well as your electronic mail address. Access My Lord and Taylor account for more tips about resetting your personal information. The benefits hotline is always available in case you require assistance with your login. Please dial 1-800-236-8890 if you need to speak with the customer service agent.

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