My Gift Card Account Management

My Gift Card Account Management
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Access your exclusive online gift card account by enrolling through the portal of You can give your gift cards to anyone that you like during special occasions or events. The added benefit of receiving cards is that you will be able to choose a gift that you really like.

Your cards are perfect for online purchases, shopping through telephone, or buying products in person. Please ensure that the store that you are shopping from will accept debit cards. This will surely prevent any misunderstandings or confusion with your transaction. You are advised to use up all the balance in your card during your purchases. Do not leave some balance in your card because it cannot be reloaded with any amount. In case that you have lost your card, you can cancel the remaining balance by informing your vendor. Learn how to order for a replacement by navigating

Accessing Into MyGiftCardAccountPSCUFS

Successfully enter your account by following the instructions below:


  • Find the login area by navigating the page.
  • The sign in field is located on the left side of your page.
  • Input your card code.
  • Provide the remaining four digits of your phone number.
  • Give the last three digit count of your gift card.
  • Use the grey Log In key and proceed.

Please remember your personal details that you have provided. Keep a copy of your personal information and store it in a secured place. This is highly important when you need to retrieve your forgotten username or password.  You need to give the following information in case you need to contact the customer support hotline:

  • Complete name
  • Account code
  • Remaining four digits of phone

You can view the frequently asked questions as reference in case you are experience problems with your credentials. It is important to select the proper category so your issue can be resolved immediately. If you cannot find the answers in the FAQs section, please continue navigating My Gift Card Account PSCUFS.

My Gift Card Account Management

Use the Contact Us menu of the page in case you have problems that you want to be addressed quickly. From the displayed categories, select according to relevance of your encountered issues. You may also speak directly to the customer support representative at 1-866-902-6082.

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