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By visiting you can create your own customized Pokémon card and share it for everyone to see. This is the official link where you can create the coolest and funniest Poké cards. You can also share your imagination Poké cards for other Pokémon fans and users of the site to see. By creating an account on you can not only design your own poké card but also you have the chance to view your designed cards to the other users of the program.

On this page, you have the facility to create coloring pages for you to print and color later. While designing your poke card you can also customize it by providing the following information.

Steps to customize MyPokeCard:

  1. First of all, visit the official website at
  2. Then you will be taken to the home page where you can see the below spaces:
  3. Fill the spaces in Creature i.e, Type and Series.
  4. In the next step enter Create Name, Hit Points and Picture.
  5. Then go to Evolution block.
  6. Attack 1 description.
  7. Attack 2 name and damage level.
  8. Attack 2 descriptions
  9. Comments and illustrator.
  10. Weakness resistance, and retreat cost.
Mypokemon card login

On the left side of the Home Page, you will be able to see a visual representation of your card. It will start as a default card with all of the default information already provided in the information boxes. When you replace your default information with your customized information then the visual representation will be updated. After that can able to see what actually your card looks like.

How to print Poke Card?

After filling all the spaces on the home page, if you like to print then follow the following procedure.

click on the “How to Print?” button where you can see it on the top of the screen. Here you can also view other people’s cards for fun or to get inspiration in creating your own. You can choose between viewing the most recent cards or the top favorites. You can also vote on which cards, created by other users, you like.

Here you can also create Pokémon coloring pages. First, click on the “Coloring” button near the top of the screen. On the blank canvas, you can design your own Pokemon coloring page by dragging and dropping Pokemon and visual elements.By pressing and holding on “Shift” or “Ctrl” keys you can resize any element. By double-clicking on it you can remove an element from the preview area canvas. Once your coloring page is ready then you can click on the “Print” button and a popup window with black and white and high-resolution coloring will appear for you to choose from.

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