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www.gmail.com: This article which helps you to know complete information about www.gmail.com. Nowadays emails are very much important in our day to day life. Handling paper letters for communication purpose was a bit hectic. Archiving and sending messages is time-consuming and thus was cumbersome. Further emails prevent loss of data, helps to reach to adequately addressed recipient, environment-friendly as the paper is not used, and as mentioned before it’s possible to save copies of emails what we send, but it is tough to keep paper copies of a letter for future reference. As emails are readily available and we don’t have to pay for this so it is more familiar to the people so it’s “free” hence helping those too who cannot afford to pay for sending emails. It also creates a fast and reliable form of communication that means we can send and receive messages in no time. It saves a lot of time of people. It has no limit to send or receive messages. People across the whole world can easily access this process. It allows communicator to send this messages more than one people at the same time. www.gmail.com is one of the best email based sites which we can easily access all emails.

www.gmail.com – Gmail Sign Up

www.gmail.com was first developed in 2004 by Paul Buccheit. As per Google sources, Gmail was used for their internal communication long before it was released for public use. Google Mail (Gmail ) is a free email service provided by Google. It is originated from the word ‘googol ‘ which is equivalent to ten raised to the power of a hundred. When www.gmail.com was first introduced, the growth was limited to its users by allowing to invite a limited number of their friends to open the account. The reason why Gmail is used more than any other mailing services is that it is a service provided by most trusted and renowned company “Google.” Writing emails in Gmail has given many options as we can choose from the number of fonts, font size, color and much more. We can also share attachment with the recipient.  A maximum of 3 KB of attachment can be sent as an attachment to email. We can also customise own folders to keep important emails in various ways.

www.gmail.com – Create Gmail Account | Gmail Sign Up

To make Gmail more interactive and user-friendly it has many tabs like emails which are important will be automatically received in a Primary mailbox, it’s just like saving your time to sort your important emails. The other tabs like Social and Promotions which include emails from youtube, Linked In, Twitter, etc. www.gmail.com also lists all spam mail in Spam mailbox. Also, there is a provision like Trash where all the deleted emails are stored until you delete it permanently.

Gmail enables many features like Calendar, Google Drive, Youtube, Google+, and much more. Some of these Google applications, require a Gmail id to have access. Few regularly used applications are Maps, youtube, play store, drive, photos, etc. Google Maps: This service of Google gives virtual access to satellite views, street views, traffic, fastest route, and other points viz. hotels, restaurants, spa, etc. This application nowadays is being used widely, which suffice the purpose of navigation and finding out locations unknown to the users. If you want to have access to youtube which is a viral online video application wherein a user can view videos related to movies, music, education, series, etc.

gmail.com | Create Gmail Account Login

It has also become a channel of income for many who uploads videos in youtube. The likes and subscriptions become the essential to decide magnitude of revenue. Many artists were having latent arts upload their videos and get famous overnight. Most of the mobile phones these days have an Android operating system. For Android-based mobile phones all mobile applications can be downloaded from an inbuilt mother application called Google Play or popularly known as play store for which we need a Gmail id to login further and download the app. Google Drive is a file storage application by which users can store their data in the cloud which can be synchronized with other devices and can be shared with others. The first 15 GB of data can be stored for free. For further usage, the limit can be extended by paying as per the terms of Google. In www.gmail.com, we can automatically back up the photos and videos in the database associated with the corresponding Gmail id. Photos can later be uploaded manually and can be shared with others.

In this modern age of technology, emails have become an integral part of day to day life whether you are a student, or housewife or working in public or private sectors daily communication can easily be done by using emails.

Irrespective of distance and within seconds of time you can send any emails to communicate with your officials, colleagues or family. There is no restriction in sending some emails per day. Wherever you go, they will ask you to submit your email ID to communicate with you, and it is also one of the best and secure web mail services. It keeps your messages fully secured.

Gmail Sign Up at gmail.com – Gmail Account Login

However, some users who don’t know about the signing up process. Here we will be explained in much narrative and easy ways to sign up Gmail. First of all, we have to log in to the Gmail web page. So go to www.gmail.com, then further click on the tab Create an account. Once this tab is clicked a registration form will appear, first two boxes are to be filled properly which will ask to enter a first name and last name. In the next box, choose a username for your account as your username can be. Use numbers and letters to your username which will be shown with your email id e.g. google@gmail.com once you have chosen your username then provide a password for your account, choose a secure password by including alphabets, numbers, symbols altogether. Choosing a unique and vigorous password will help to unprotected access to your account. Next step is to select your birthday, month and year, as this information is unique to a person and will help in preventing spooking of your account.

Then choose your gender by clicking on I am. After that, select your country code, in most of the cases, it is determined automatically, then enter your phone number if anytime you are unable to get access to your account or if it is being hacked by someone you will get notification from Gmail regarding the same. Then enter your existing email id if you have any, which would be helpful in future to retrieve your login credentials in case you forget them. After that, enter the code which you will see in the image, you can skip it and receive a code by a phone call to begin by checking a mark of “skip this verification” option. Now select your country where you live. Checkmark “I agree to Google terms of services and privacy policy.” Then click on next steps. Now it may ask you to enter the verification code that you have received on your phone, if not then you can log into your account. Finally, your www.gmail.com account is created and ready to use.

www.gmail.com Sign up Gmail account login

After the account creation or sign up process is completed, you can directly enter your login id and password in www.gmail.com login page.

Why Gmail: There are many other email providers available which we all must be aware. However, Gmail is having a cutting edge over the others because of the following advantages:

An essential aspect when we talk about an email account is its memory. Google provides the maximum space equivalent to 15 GB for all applications, and the same can be enhanced further by paying some extra bucks. It’s often found that amidst some activities, some pop-ups appear, which is very disturbing. However, on a Gmail page or the mailbox, while drafting, a user won’t find any pop-up or advertisement. It is also concluded that, nowadays, there are no such ads on Android phones too. Email is a more formal communication often demands careful drafting.

gmail.com sign up Gmail email login

There is another option of conversation one can find on the Gmail page called as Google Hangout or popularly known as Google Talk is well integrated with Gmail by which it becomes user-friendly to have a transition from sending an e-mail to starting a conversation. It often found that we receive a lot of unwanted emails from unknown entities. Broadly, all email providers ensure to filter spams however Google is at its best. It filters spam related to spams, viruses, adware, etc. with better impacts.

A user can have access to its email account even when the user is not having internet connectivity. One can access to the messages already received. However, the new messages would arrive in the inbox only when the connectivity resumes. Another benefit is that a Gmail Account can be accessed from several devices viz. mobile, tab, desktop, etc. When there is a suspicion, Google prompts for verification so that the account remains safe. Further, a user can get notifications for incoming emails on the desktop.