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Use the personal data that you have provided and access Become a registered member and log on to Per Your Health account by using valid account information or an authenticated username. Verified account users can use the system to do online payments or manage your own account. For your health care providers requiring these services, give them the account code of your billing especially if you are not yet a registered user.

Keep all your bill statements because you will need it for logging in and make payments at You can find your account information printed on the statements. The online payment system is centralized to eliminate the need for paper stub from your bills. It would then very convenient for you completing payments at home or anywhere. Enroll your health providers with a Per Your Health account if they do not have one yet. Request them to sign up for an account so that it would be easier on your part to do payments regularly.

The Advantages Of PerYourHealth

  • Make quick and easy online payments
  • Use the member page anywhere through a computer or other internet capable devices.
  • Pay through the phone by dialing 888-442-8447.
  • Manage automatic payment of your recurring bills

Remember to type exactly as printed the access code that you can find on your current bill on Per Your Health. This is highly important when you want to log in to your own  account. When your printed code is in the uppercase format, do the same format during your login.

Per Your Health

Forgotten or lost login details

To do a request of information for a new account, provide a valid email to receive a confirmation link. Make certain that you gave the valid and recent email add to your health providers. For further inquiries related to the payment of your bills online, call customer assistance at 855-853-7242. You may also communicate directly with your chosen health care provider for immediate support.

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