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My Embarq CenturyLink

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Apply for an account to receive updates on news, sports and entertainment at Play online games, stream videos and read interesting articles for your enjoyment. You will always be updated with the latest news and information through your registered account.

You can play card games such as bridge and word games such as word search online. There are many topics that draw popular attention including yours. Use the news tab and be informed about the top stories in your local area or around the world. Be informed regarding public safety, politics, weather and more. You can customize the information that you would like to receive in the Local News section. Read more about contents based on your interest in the You Might Like section at

More Choices for You with MyEmbarq

Aside from the usual news stories and sport articles that you can view online, the categories below are also included for your preference:

  • College
  • Tennis
  • Auto racing
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Football

Navigate to the entertainment tab if you are interested in watching videos or reading various topics online. These topics range from useful DIY projects that you can do at home as well as stories about your favorite celebrities.

You can also pass the time by using the Games tab and search for enjoyable and engaging games. There are many categories of that you can select according to your taste. Do not worry if you are unsure of the type of games you want to play. There are arcade, strategy, word and card games as part of a larger category. You can watch the preview of the latest games under each category by choosing the All Games option.

You can launch a search for your interests at the My Embarq search bar on the home portal. Select the search option marked by Enhanced by Google for searching anything you want. The result would be based on the word or phrase that you entered in the search field. Another option is marked as Enhanced by Ebay. This is designated for search results related to online bids or purchases of various items. You can also perform a search for products that you would like to purchase by designating as Enhanced by Amazon. The result would be related to Amazon products and items only. This is useful for searching a particular item or product.

For further assistance, enquiries, comments or complaints, please use the “Contact Us” tab. You will be assisted based on the relevance of your encountered issues. View the proper contact information designated with your product and services. Provide your choice if you are asked to make your purchase with CenturyLink. Give information through your account if your region is located outside the service area of CenturyLink. You can also indicate if you are a new client or currently transferring to another CenturyLink area. Make a search for your new address or update your current address through your account.


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