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Digital Life Home Security

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Manage your Digital Life access from AT&T by exploring the online features of The most convenient automation and home security service is now available for you. The program also supports a wireless based system and can be activated through the use of a mobile application. To ensure the safety of your home, a 24/7 monitoring through video cameras is also available. The automation option also includes remote activated door locks, energy management, garage control and more. You can have a peace of mind by installing the home and security devices together with its nonstop monitoring system.

A stable and consistent wireless internet is a must for the system to work. It is recommended that you get a high speed connection from a good provider. The home automation system can do tasks like controlling your appliances, lights and door locks. You can also pair your device with the monitoring platform and receive alerts in case of intrusion. The network of Digital Life is currently expanding at a rapid pace. You can know more about its availability in your area through Use your account and discover the exclusive features, system support, troubleshooting guide and more.

How to Access My–DigitallifeATT Online

Please see to it that you already have an authorized access before you sign in. To log in securely, please read the guide below:

  • Go to the top right area of the main page.
  • Locate and then use the ‘Login’ link.
  • You will be redirected to a new area.
  • Aside from signing in, you can also select the task that you want to perform here.
  • Sign in by entering your password and username on the appropriate field.
  • Review your login information for any errors before signing in.
  • Please use the provided link in case you have forgotten your access information.

The tasks that you can do through your access are managing your account and activating the application. You can also view special deals, check existing services, add or upgrade services, and purchase products using the ‘Account Login’ link. To add your choice of services from the platform, login and perform this task inside your account. The ‘App login’ link is used for online payment, home security management, check alerts, view activities, and edit account settings. Always keep My Digital Life AT&T login information in a safe and accessible place.

Please seek assistance if you have encountered problems with your account. You may speak with the customer support agent by dialing 1-855-288-2727. You may also refer to the frequently asked questions page for some quick solutions. It is also possible to receive a detailed understanding of your account through the ‘Resources’ tab.


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