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AisleOne Employee Portal

AisleOne Employee Portal
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Register for your AisleOne access and receive the offered benefits at Buck Consultants is solely sponsoring these services for you. You will have a very enjoyable shopping moment without risking your wellbeing and health. Get the most out of the benefits that are available from your account. Log in by providing your access credentials and manage your benefit shopping itineraries.

The service portal is connected with Albertsons and Safeway through the ownership of Buck Consultants. The company is active in ventures related to human relations assistance. Human resource consultation is also included from the list of available services. You may be associated with AisleOne in more ways than you are aware of. Find your association type from the drop down menu at Sign in immediately and discover the benefits that are waiting for you.

Sign In To MyAisleOne

Find the designated field where you must fill in your login details. This area is labeled as My Login field. Make sure that you are giving your correct personal information. Incorrect information will result in undue problems with your access. Choose among the following designation and identify your membership status:

  • Current employee
  • Domestic partner or spouse of an employee
  • Retired person
  • Domestic partner or spouse of the retiree
  • COBRA recipient
  • Domestic partner or spouse of COBRA recipient

You will be required to enter your user ID and passcode after choosing your category from the list. It is possible to use the First Time User portal for retrieving your password and username. Use this feature in case you have lost or forgotten your passcode. Contact the service center agent if you have trouble recovering your credentials. You may also check the pay stub for your employee information and default passkey.

Keep in mind that you default password is composed of the following:

  • First letter from your name
  • Initial letter from your surname
  • Day and month of your birth
  • Last two digits from your social security code

You can only change your secret pass after you initial sign in to your account. Set a new password accordingly and remember that it is case sensitive. Your password must have a minimum of eight characters to be acceptable in My Aisle One. You may combine letters and numbers in your passcode. Resetting your username and password is accomplished through the designated menu on the page.

In case you have issues, comments or suggestions, please locate and use the Contact Us tab. For enquiries regarding your benefits, please call your Safeway Company Benefit Services Center through 877-799-7526. Assistance is available every Monday through Friday, from 7:00am until 5:00am, Pacific Time. Non English speakers may dial the number at 800-874-9426. Hearing impaired clients are forwarded to the 800-227-1341 for their needed assistance.


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